Exploring the world of British pubs, one pint at a time...

How Does It Work?


1. We Go Out In Search Of New Pubs

Every week we jump in the car and go out in search of 3-5 new and wondrous pubs that need to be celebrated. 


2. We Share The Experience Through Our Blogs

Each week we tell a story about the pubs we've found, sharing our photos and memories so you can be inspired to follow in our footsteps.


3. We Score Each Pub On Our Own Unique Criteria

We've devised our very own scoring system in order to separate the truly great national treasures from the more run of the mill boozers.

About Our Leader...

I love pubs for so many reasons: they are so very uniquely British; they tell the social and cultural story of these islands better than any heritage site; they are the best places for meeting eccentric characters; each one is different and has been shaped over the course of centuries; they have so much more character than generic restaurants, cafes or bars. I want to encourage people around this country to enjoy, celebrate, and support our wonderful pubs. Because if we don't they will be lost forever.