Your Country's Pubs Need You!

"When you have lost the last of your inns, drown your sorry selves for you will have lost the last of England"
Hilaire Belloc 1912

We need your help to celebrate and protect every pub...

1. Join our Facebook Army


Our mission to celebrate, support, and protect our nation's pub heritage relies upon building an online army of ground soldiers who will spread the word. Join our army.

2. Write Blogs For Us


If you're passionate about pubs and the written word then why not set up your own team of pub explorers? There are 40,000 pubs in the UK and we need help to celebrate each and every one of them.

3. Spread The Word Online


Help us reach as many pub lovers as possible. Only by building up the biggest online community of pub enthusiasts in the UK will we be able to fight the forces of evil trying to destroy our heritage.

Fancy setting up your own team of pub explorers? You will need...

3 Founding Fathers


Firstly, you'll need a hardcore team of at least 3 founding members. This is so you can ensure that your scoring reflects a diverse range of tastes and expertise. (It's also so you can alternate the driving!)

A Camera & Scoresheet


You'll need a camera so that you can share the experience visually with all our subscribers. We'll also send you a printable scoresheet so that we're all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Blog Writing Skills


We'll need you to send us a blog all about your weekly adventures so that we can post it in our Blog and share it with our social media followers.

Get We Love British Pubs on TV...

We believe the best way to save our pubs is to put them on prime time TV.

Mary Berry reignited the nation's love of baking through The Great British Bake Off. Michael Portillo has celebrated the historical importance of our railways for a decade now and attracted millions of TV viewers in the process. Tim and Pru have achieved something similar for our canals.

But who on television is championing our pubs? Nobody. That has to change and the campaign starts here...

We think our format would make incredibly watchable TV and inspire the nation to fight for the survival of our pubs. Help us get so many online followers that the BBC takes notice.

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